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A market leader in lighted switch manufacturing, Ducommun offers a wide range of switch components that meet the needs of our most demanding customers. A majority of our HMI products are FAA/PMA certified or MIL-PRF/QPL certified.

Our product series offers customizable features including:

   Color (bezel, back/foreground and light)
   NVIS Filtering compatible, Type I and Type II
   Custom or standard display etching and font size
   0-4 pole options
   EMI shielding
   Ground options, common, split
   Gold or silver contacts
   Incandescent or LED (with or without incandescent dimming curve)
   Sealed or unsealed, splash proof, drip proof, moisture seal
   Solder, turret and poke home terminal options
   Sunlight readable, dead front and NVIS compatible options
   Five (5) different pushbutton sizes available
   Distinct tactile feel during switch actuation suitable for use in noisy and ruggedized environments

Any switch or combination of switches can be combined in a custom matrix assemble. In addition, all models can be configured with switching funtionality or as annunciators.

Innovative design and high-quality manufacturing are found in each of Ducommun's illuminated pushbutton switches, indicators, caution-warning systems, time-delay relays, keyboards and integrated display assemblies. Our state-of-the-art engineering, production, assembly and test capabilities ensure we deliver the highest quaility products and solutions for our valued customers.


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