Millimeter Wave Amplifiers

Ducommun offers Low Noise (ALN), High Power (AHP), Full Waveguide Band (AFB) and General Purpose (AGP) amplifiers to cover the frequency range from 18 to 96 GHz. These amplifiers utilize thin-film and microelectronics manufacturing techniques and are discrete and/or MMIC PHEMT devices based. These amplifiers feature low noise, high output power, single DC power supply and wide operation temperature range. The amplifiers are offered in two categories, standard and custom-built. Both standard and custom-built amplifiers are equipped with various RF interface, including standard waveguide or coaxial connector for convenient system integration. The optional input and output integrated isolators are available as an option to further improve the port return loss.

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Click here to view datasheet AGP - General Purpose Amplifiers
Click here to view datasheet AHP - High Power Amplifier
Click here to view datasheet ALN - Low Noise Amplifiers
Click here to view datasheet AFB - Full Waveguide Band Amplifiers
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