A Culture of Continuous Innovation

At Ducommun, we drive innovation into everything we do. We deliver design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to customers in the Aerospace, Defense & Space markets worldwide. Our core capabilities and value-added services help our customers solve their biggest challenges. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring the highest quality products are delivered on time, every time. Our industry-leading technology, domain expertise, ruggedized components and commitment to excellence make us uniquely qualified to support your next program.

Electronic Systems

Our Electronic Systems Group provides comprehensive electronic manufacturing with a focus in the aerospace, defense and space markets. We are a leading electronics supplier that drives innovation into all we do, including design, prototyping, component sourcing, manufacturing, lifecycle management, FAA 145 and aftermarket product management. Our manufacturing solutions include circuit card assemblies, complex interconnect assemblies, complete integrated assemblies, cabinets and systems integration. Learn more >

Structural Systems

Ducommun's Structural Systems Group complex metallic and composite component solutions for the aerospace, defense and space markets. We are a leading global supplier of large stretch formed aircraft skins, hot forming of titanium, superplastic forming and complex fastened and welded assemblies, chemical milling, flight control surfaces, fairings, bulkheads, rotorcraft blades and VersaCore Composite™ technology, which is proprietary to Ducommun. Learn more >

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