Suppliers: Key to our Success

We consider our suppliers as valued partners who are essential to our vision of being our customers’ #1 provider of innovative electronics and structures solutions. We focus on building strong supplier relationships through continuous collaboration and communication.

Supplier Relationships

Ducommun principles and our dedicated operational excellence initiatives are integral to our supply chain strategy. And the foundation of our supplier interactions is built on the same core values to which we hold ourselves:


  • We conduct business in full compliance with legal and ethical requirements.
  • We operate responsibly and safely, and are committed to high environmental health and safety standards.
  • We have the courage of our convictions—we’re willing to take a stand.
  • We earn the trust and respect of others.
  • We communicate openly and transparently.


  • We take pride in our work and aspire to be the best we can be.
  • We demonstrate trust and respect for employees across the organization.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of our professions and adopt best practices.
  • We embrace new ideas, drive change and find innovative solutions to problems.
  • We recognize and celebrate achievements.


  • We treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • We recognize the dignity of people and treat team members with courtesy, compassion and fairness.
  • We value diversity and draw on all our different strengths, cultures, ideas, experiences and talents to achieve success.
  • We encourage differing points of view and work together to create positive solutions for our stakeholders.
  • We provide equal and fair opportunities for employment, career development and learning.


  • We make trust the foundation of all our relationships and work to earn it every day.
  • We keep our commitments and promises, consistently linking our actions and words.
  • We use sound principles to make decisions.
  • We are accountable to and rely on each other for honesty and good faith efforts.
  • We consistently deliver results and seek ways to improve ourselves and the organization.


  • We work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals.
  • We achieve our results in a way that helps others achieve their results.
  • We’re deeply cooperative—we build and maintain constructive partnerships.
  • We participate fully, share ideas and opinions, and support team decisions once made.
  • We share credit for team accomplishments and accept joint responsibility for team shortcomings

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