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Founded in 1849, Ducommun is the oldest continuing-operating company headquartered in the State of California. Through our long heritage, we have continuously adapted to provide our customers with innovative, scalable solutions to tough challenges.

Our Engineered Product Group showcases this commitment to design and manufacturing excellence with cutting-edge capabilities in each product area. Our Engineered Products drive their industries forward through pioneering fresh approaches and accelerating these approaches into volume manufacturing. Each of our unique product lines are backed by decades of experience and a long legacy of successful programs. These products enable customers to fly further, consume less power, explore other planets, and maintain the highest levels of safety and security for our warfighters.

Our Engineered Product Group consists of the following product lines:

Aerodynamic Systems

Leading provider of aerodynamic systems that enhance the productivity, performance and safety of rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft on commercial and military platforms. Comprehensive portfolio of products includes FastFin® systems, winglet systems, propellers and flow modifiers.

Ammunition Handling Solutions

Reliable ammunition handling solutions across Land, Air, and Sea platforms. Built in St. Croix Falls, WI by our passionate team, we are confident in our ability to find a solution that works for you.

Extruded Thermoplastics

Extrusion of engineered thermoplastic resins, compounds and alloys, including high temperature resins, flame retardant, low smoke and fume resins, glass and carbon reinforced compounds that add strength and static dissipation properties, and chemical resistance for use in harsh environments.

Illuminated Push Buttons, Lighted Panels, and Integrated Human Machine Interface Assemblies

Illuminated push buttons, control panels, and integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) assemblies qualified to exacting standards. For commercial and military aviation, ground vehicles, shipboard, and other applications.

Lightning Diverter Strips and Lightning Protection Devices

Global leader in segmented lightning diverter strips and innovative lightning protection devices for aerospace, defense and wind turbine markets.

Magnetic Seals

Trusted supplier of specialty magnetic seals for critical systems. Respected for product design, quality, and durability.

Motors, Resolvers and Actuators

Brushless DC motors, AC induction motors, resolvers, and actuators. For extreme performance in tough environments including munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles, downhole oil & gas, and space satellites.

Radio Frequency (RF) Switch Products

Industry-leading Radio Frequency (RF) electromechanical switch products and other RF devices. For communications, radar, electronic warfare, data center, and automated test equipment applications.

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