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Ducommun provides expert turnkey manufacturing services for high-mix, low-to-medium volume printed circuit board assemblies. We're specialists in manufacturing ruggedized PCBAs that must perform reliably in extreme and high-cost-of-failure environments.

Our technologically advanced facilities provide state-of-the-art printed circuit board assembly and accommodate a wide range of component packages and pitches, including fine pitch. Contact us today to learn how we can put our turnkey PCBA manufacturing expertise to work for you.

Low-to-Medium Volume/High Mix

  • High rate of change
  • High-speed SMT with placement rates up to 100,000 cph
  • Fine pitch down to 0.3mm/12 mil, BGA, uBGA, CSP and CGA, and 01005 chip devices
  • Single- and double-sided SMT designs
  • High-temperature 10-zone nitrogen reflow
  • Inline 3-D paste inspection, X-ray and AOI
  • Automated through-hole and operated assisted assembly

Extensive wave and selective soldering capabilities

  • Lead-free and lead-based
  • Dual pot selective solder capable of numerous solder alloys including HMP, SN96, SN63, SN99, SAC 305, SAC 387
  • Water-soluble, no-clean and rosin-based reflow
  • Wave flow up to 350° C

Quick-turn prototyping

Conformal coating and potting

  • Quality protection against moisture, dust, extreme temperature and chemicals
  • Acrylic, silicon and parylene

Extensive in-house test development

  • In-circuit and functional testing
  • Environmental screening, including thermal shock and 3-axis vibration testing
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