VersaCore Composite™ Technologies
Structural Systems

Aerospace control surface with integral components

With ten patents and more pending, Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ technologies are a unique and innovative set of technologies for producing net molded structures without the need for multi-piece assemblies. The Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ system approach results in lofted composite parts that are lightweight and also low in cost. This proven technology has been flying on the C-17 since 2004, and has been employed in other programs such as JASSM, UCAV, UAVs, military ground vehicles and landing craft.

Where Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ technologies fit

The system is ideally suited for aerostructures like wings, winglets, control surfaces, fairings, blades, doors, antennas, missile bodies, integrated assemblies and similar contoured parts.

Many composite structures don't take full advantage of the unique design possibilities that these materials allow. The use of traditional configurations of skins fastened to ribs and stringers, or complicated assemblies using many pieces of machined core have a high part count and may require a number of unique manufacturing steps to complete the part.

Highly integrated structures using the various Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ technologies replace the large number of individual parts used in 'traditional' aircraft manufacturing with a single component that satisfies the requirements. Component price and lead times are further reduced by the use of a common set of commercial, off-the-shelf materials. Using Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ system technologies we can incorporate mechanical and electrical components directly into the structure without additional tools or parts, resulting in reduced parts counts and labor costs.

Different Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ system processes

In addition to systems used to create foam core based aerostructures, the Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ system technologies also include hollow VersaCore Composite™ systems and VersaCore Composite™ armor. The former systems produce strong, lightweight hollow structures for such applications as fuel tanks with integral parts and fittings. VersaCore Composite™ armor is an armor technology that provides molded-to-shape direct replacement parts that protect against threats while minimizing weight.

Wing for UCAV


There are a number of benefits of the system resulting in reduced cost and shortened production cycle times.

  • No ovens or autoclaves required
  • Reduced part count
  • Seamless construction
  • De-toleranced assemblies
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Integrated features
  • Cored and hollow parts
  • High reproducibility
  • Fully tooled surfaces
  • Durable - damage resistant
  • Simplified repairs
  • Room temp material storage
  • Lower cost parts
For a more detailed description of how Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ system technologies achieve these benefits, visit the VersaCore Composite™ benefits page.


VersaCore Composite™ is a trademark of Ducommun Incorporated.

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