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Founded in 1849, Ducommun Incorporated is the oldest registered company in the State of California. Ducommun is a leading technology provider with advanced design, development, manufacturing, integration, and test capabilities.

Ducommun's coaxial switch heritage began with Jay-El and Dynatech (DMT), founded in 1969 and acquired by the company in the early 1990's. To further strengthen its product offering, Ducommun subsequently acquired DB Products (DBP) in 2004, WiseWave Technologies in 2006 and LaBarge in 2011.

Today, Ducommun is a powerhouse serving the avionics, commercial, industrial, defense, medical, telecommunications and space uplink & downlink market sectors with a wide range of coaxial switch products. Our products are designed and manufactured in Carson, California USA.

Ducommun's customers have chosen Ducommun for our advanced, comprehensive understanding of electro-mechanical switch principles, along with our singular dedication to reliability, quality and focus on providing great customer service. If it's a standard off-the-shelf commercial switch you are looking for or if your needs are for a highly customized ruggedized switch, Ducommun can design and deliver.

End Uses

  • Broadcast Communications
  • Military Airborne
  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Navigation Systems
  • Space Systems
  • Automated Test Equipment

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