Structural Systems

The Henri Liné Macbormil uses two
cutting heads simultaneously

Ducommun offers a total "turn-key" approach to the production of your components. For example, you provide Ducommun with a design or other engineering data (i.e. loft data), and Ducommun will machine or manufacture parts to your specifications and quality standards. This includes design and fabrication of tools, versatile manufacturing methods and subsequent processing required to provide a quality end product.

The production facilities at our Gardena facility have been specifically constructed for high volume machining of aerospace components. For example, our equipment consists of three Shin Nippon Koki (SNK) 5-axis gantries, each with three spindles, mounted on 12 foot wide beds. Other CNC mills and profilers, some designed and built by Ducommun, were selected for their capability to machine large structures and complex contours at production rates.

Multi-bed routers can handle very large
cutting requirements

In keeping pace with the ever-changing world of engineering, Ducommun uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM equipment to ensure accuracy and completeness of design for tools and components used on today's aircraft. We employ an NCL 502 based Silicon Graphics "IRIS" work station for our programming requirements. This system uses ANSI X 3.37-1977 based APT program language.

International Graphics Exchange Specifications (IGES) is the exchange medium. The system is capable of up to 5-axis data. Further CAD.CAM capabilities include a Gerber Autograph/HP computer and plotter equipment.

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