Structural Systems

Assembly of complex multi-component
titanium/inconel structure
Ducommun supplies complex assemblies, sub-assemblies and kitting for many of the world's aircraft manufacturers.

Our production engineering teams develop assembly tooling and fixtures for optimum workflow and process efficiency. These fixtures and jigs are then built in-house as part of program-specific work cells.

One example of our assembly capabilities are aircraft spoilers. We use assembly jigs that we designed and assembled for both C-17 and 737 spoilers. These jigs were designed to minimize space since, for example, there are 12 different spoilers on a 737. Ducommun engineers designed the jigs so a left and a right side are located on a single plate, saving space and making for efficient workflow. During assembly we take the bonded component, do close tolerance drilling to install bushings and bearings and then prep and paint. An elaborate paint system is used for completing the assembly and preparing it for install. We also assemble the framework for every 737 spoiler. This is made up of end ribs and a leading edge channel that is riveted together in an assembly fixture. Those details have been phosphoric acid anodized and primed and are being put together in a clean room. Then they go to the bond tool and that's the start of the layup for spoilers.

C-17 Spoiler in assembly jig
In the process of building C-17 spoilers, we add fairings, plus the bearings to titanium fittings, and all work is completed in assembly jigs. We developed the entire system to meet the engineering requirements as part of the IPT group with Boeing. We are responsible for the design and build of the whole string of tools - bond tools and assembly tools.

VersaCore Composite™ Technologies

Many assemblies can benefit from our innovative VersaCore Composite™ processes. An important element of these patented technologies is design-for-integration. VersaCore Composite™ technology results in lower part count and fewer manufacturing labor hours. When compared to conventional designs such as a bolted or secondarily bonded wing, for example, a VersaCore Composite™ technology design relies on structural

UCAV wing using patented
VersaCore Composite™ technology
foam cores that provide integrity and support primary load path among integral fiber reinforced components. Fewer parts and the elimination of secondary bonding or mechanical fastening results in fewer touch labor hours as well as fewer subcomponent parts to manufacture and inventory.


VersaCore Composite™ is a trademark of Ducommun Incorporated.

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