Value-added Services

With more than four decades of precision electronics and electromechanical manufacturing experience, Ducommun is a versatile, professional EMS partner for high-performance products. What distinguishes our business is the added innovation and continuous evaluation for improvement that your products receive from our team throughout the manufacturing process. Exceeding your expectations is part of our mission, and we constantly strive to develop our value-added capabilities to better serve our customers.

Program management – single point of contact
From materials procurement to design and test, kitting and fulfillment, and refurbishment, a program manager manages each step in your product's life cycle. Your Ducommun program manager is your single point of contact, ensuring thorough attention to your needs and resolution of issues.

New model introduction
We have a formal new model introduction (NMI) process to help you bring your products to market quickly. Our process incorporates dedicated NMI engineers, program management and operational excellence methodologies to help you find a dependable and effective road to market and profitability.

Strategic commodity management
Our centralized sourcing operation leverages the purchasing power of 10 manufacturing facilities to deliver the best value materials, accelerate proposal turnaround and reduce manufacturing cycle time for our customers. Our strategic commodity managers continuously analyze costs and services to help Ducommun find the best sourcing solutions.

Kitting and fulfillment services
Ducommun offers full kitting, fulfillment and direct-ship services to capture that last cost-driver for many customers. Our expertise allows you to provide your own customers with complete assembly kits without the added cost of warehousing and shipping at your facility.

Lean and Six Sigma
We are committed to continuous improvement and have ongoing initiatives to continually advance process improvements throughout the company. These initiatives, led by on-site operational excellence leaders, engage and train employees at all levels in the organization to use lean and Six Sigma tools to reduce waste and improve productivity and quality.

Refurbish, repair, remanufacture and recycle services
Ducommun provides customized refurbishment, repair and maintenance services for your product's life cycle. Using maintenance and repair to extend product life is a value-added alternative to surplus inventory and material waste.

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