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For decades, we've served as a leading supplier of high reliability, integrated products and solutions for U.S. and International Space programs. Space-qualified stepper motors, BLDC motors and resolvers for Satellites and Space exploration vehicles are core competencies. Ducommun designed and built actuators for the Rover Stand-up Operation on the NASA Mars Exploration Rover and Brushless DC motors for the Mars Pathfinder program. We built 42 resolvers for the International Space Station (ISS). Our latest programs include the design and manufacturing of resolvers for NASA's Frontiers Mission to Jupiter and resolvers and variable reluctance resolvers for the historic Mars 2020 Mission Perseverance Rover. Examples of other critical missions and Space programs for which we have used our significant Engineering, Design, Production & Manufacturing expertise to build custom and Space-Qualified products and solutions include:

  Mars Rovers (Sojourner, Spirit,
      Opportunity, Curiosity & Perseverance
  Dream Chaser
  Venus Express
  Hubble Rescue
  ISS Dextre Robot
  Sentinel 6
  Space Shuttle
  Europa Clipper


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