Millimeter Wave Antennas

Ducommun millimeter wave products include ACH, ARH and ALC series circular, rectangular gain horn antennas and lens corrected horn antennas for system applications. Low side lobes, ridged configuration and low cost are the main features of these antennas. The standard gain value and half power beamwidth at mid-frequency point of each waveguide band are 23 dBi and 9 degrees, respectively. Other gain values are available as customer order. These antennas cover the frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz.

Ducommun also offers GPS antenna (AGA) for GPS system applications. The antenna is constructed with machined housing, ceramic patch array, low noise amplifier, filter and high performance Radome material.

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Click here to view datasheet ACH - Circular Horn Antenna
Click here to view datasheet AGA - GPS Antenna
Click here to view datasheet ALC - Lens Corrected Antennas
Click here to view datasheet ARH - Rectangular Horn Antennas

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