Millimeter Wave Oscillators

Ducommun’s oscillator family includes FET based dielectric resonator oscillators (OFD), phase locked oscillators (OPL), Gunn diode based low cost Gunn oscillators (OGL), bias tuned Gunn oscillators (OGB), mechanically tuned oscillators (OGM), varactor tuned Gunn oscillators (OGV), injection locked Gunn oscillators (OGI) and Gunn oscillator bias regulators and modulators (OGR and OMR). In the mechanically tuned Gunn oscillator family, the ultra broadband series (OGF) delivers up to full waveguide tuning bandwidth.

Ducommun is the industry leader of design and manufacturing high performance Gunn diode oscillators. Combined with proprietary cavity design technology and experience, Ducommun's Gunn oscillators deliver state-of-the-art performance in the industry. In addition, Ducommun has delivered more than 20,000 high performance Gunn oscillators since March 2001.

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OGF - Mechanically Tuned, Full Band Gunn Oscillators
OGI - Injection Locked Gunn Diode Oscillators
OGL - Low Cost K and Ka Band Gunn Diode Oscillators
OGM - Mechanically Tuned Gunn Diode Oscillators
OGR - Gunn Oscillator Bias Regulator
OMR - Gunn Oscillator Bias Regulator & Modulator
OGV - Varactor Tuned Gunn Diode Oscillators
OGB - Bias Tuned Gunn Oscillators
OPL - Phase Locked Oscillators
OFD - Dielectric Resonator Oscillators
ONS - Millimeterwave Solid State Noise Sources

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