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From the extreme cold of outer space to the high pressures and temperatures of oil exploration and geothermal applications, Ducommun offers proven expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of highly reliable motors, actuators and resolvers that perform in the most extreme conditions and harshest environments. Our product line consists of custom designed electromechanical components for Space, Military & Industrial markets worldwide.

Stepper Motors

Permanent Magnet
Variable Reluctance (VR)
2, 3 & 4-Phase
Optional with Gear Head


Brushless Motors (BLDC)
Coreless Motors
Pancake or Housed
Optional Gear Head
Feedback &/or Brake


Oil Exploration for
High Temp (260°C)
High Efficiency
Optional with Gear Head
Single & 3-Phase


High Accuracy
up to +/- 5 Arc-Sec
Pancake or Housed
Single, Dual & Multi-Speed
Brushless (Rotary Transformer)

Variable Reluctance Resolvers (Brushless)

Accuracy up
to +/- 2 Arc-Min
Compact Design
No Rotary
Transformer Required

Actuator Assemblies

With Gear Head, Lead Screw, etc.
Permanent Magnet, Multi-Position



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