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Ducommun's proven expertise is in the design and manufacturing of highly reliable motors, actuators and resolvers for extreme environments that range from vacuum and the extreme cold of outer space to the high pressures and temperatures of oil and geothermal applications.

Our product line consists of hundreds of custom designed electromechanical components for the Space, Aerospace & Defense and Oil & Gas industries.

Please also visit our Capabilities page for descriptions on our complete manufacturing, assembly and test capabilities for custom designs.

Resolvers and Synchros Resolvers & Synchros

- Pancake
- Single/ Multi Speed
- High Accuracy - up to +/- 2 arc-sec
- Variable Reluctance
- Rotary transformers
Variable Reluctance Resolvers Variable Reluctance Resolvers

- Brushless design with no rotary transformer
- High Accuracy - up to +/- 1 arc-min
- Ruggedized and Compact Design
- Up to 30% mass reduction compared to conventional brushless resolver


Stepper Motors Stepper Motors

- Permanent Magnet
- Hybrid
- Variable Reluctance (VR)
AC Motors AC-Motors

- High temperature, high pressure motors for Downhole Oil & Gas Exploration
   and other high performance applications
- AC Hysteresis Synchronous Motors
DC Motors DC-Motors

- Brush Type
- Brushless Motors (BLDC)
- Torquers
- Actuators
- Servo Motors with Tachometers
- Alternators for Downhole Oil & Gas Exploration


Actuators and Mechanisms Actuators & Mechanisms

- AC or DC motors
- Rotary or linear
- Permanent Magnet Multi-Position
- Space Mechanism

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