VersaCore Composite™ molded-to-shape hollow structures
Structural Systems

Hollow aerospace structural parts
made with Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ Technology
Ducommun's hollow VersaCore Composite™ system is a unique, patented part of the Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ technology family in that it can produce large hollow composite structures in a single manufacturing step. These structures are typical of aircraft wing or control surface structures and can also be used to produce "wet wings" with internal fuel tanks, or dry equipment bays.

Similar to other Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ structures, hollow structures are constructed using composite materials and foam cores. Unlike many other Ducommun VersaCore Composite™ structures, the foam core is completely removed after cure, using proprietary methods, leaving a cavity within the structure. Ducommun hollow VersaCore Composite™ technology structures can integrate pressure fittings, attachments and mechanical fittings into the structure, eliminating secondary assembly steps. This is an ideal method for making a single-piece composite fuel tank in the shape of a wing or typical aircraft structure.


An assortment of VersaCore Composite™ technology components
Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ system allows thick structures without facing surface bonds. Initial indications show that this construction method is more durable, lighter weight and significantly lower cost than conventional composite or metallic structures.

VersaCore Composite™ technology can be used to produce parts with both filled and unfilled sections. For example, single piece UAV wings have been produced with foam filled leading and trailing edges and a hollow core center section.

For a more detailed description of how Ducommun's VersaCore Composite™ technologies achieve these benefits, click here.


VersaCore Composite™ is a trademark of Ducommun Incorporated.

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