Space Qualified Motors, Actuators and Resolvers

Space qualified stepper motors, actuators and resolvers for satellites and space exploration vehicles are a core competency of Ducommun. With more than 70 years of proven heritage Ducommun has become a leading supplier of highly reliable motion control devices for spacecraft. Ducommun supplied space mechanisms for the Rover Standup Operation of the NASA Mars Exploration Rovers and provided brushless DC motors for the Mars Pathfinder program. For the International Space Station Ducommun supplied 42 resolvers. Latest programs include resolvers for the NASA Frontiers Mission Juno to Jupiter, and stepper motors with gear heads for the NASA NuStar program.

MARS rover


For further information about our space qualified products please visit our Products Overview page.
Typical Applications of our space qualified components include:

- Antenna Pointing Mechanisms
- Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA)
- Payload Instrument Positioning
- Gimbals
- Hold-Down & Release Mechanisms


Our technological heritage dates back to 1948 and our products range from use in satellites and spacecraft to launch vehicles. Most recent programs include:

NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellites TDRS (2010)
Stepper Motors, Resolver and Actuators for Solar Array Deployment, Antenna Pointing Mechanism, and RF switches.
NASA New Frontiers Mission Juno to Jupiter (2009)
Resolvers for instrument positioning at -170°C

Other programs:
Intelsat, WGS, MDA Dextre (SSRMS), SBSS, Redwood, Mars Rover.

Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array NuSTAR (2009)
Stepper Motors with Planetary Gear head for payload instrument positioning mechanism.

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